Saturday, March 17, 2007

A night without internet!

After coming home for dinner at 10 PM last Thursday, I was not able to connect to internet. I kept on trying for some time in vain. I tried calling my ISP without any success of getting them on line. It was clear that I had to spend Thursday night without internet. I could suddenly empathize with millions of Americans when they experienced loss of power and felt lifeless. I could feel their plight. Oops! Whats happening? Does internet play such a vital role in my life? I haven’t been thinking too much about this. My mom sure seems to know this. When I said internet isn’t working, she was quick to reply "So there is no work for today. Why don’t you sleep quickly just for this one day?" Does it feel like an abuse? It certainly isn’t any abuse. Then why does it feel so?

Internet! How much did it change our lives? How much are people like me dependent on it? I started wondering if internet were my addiction or passion or profession. My profession or for that matter most of the professions depend on internet. Well, internet provides so many things off hand. A few months back, I was watching Apollo 13 and could not get what Roger that meant. Google came to our rescue. Few weeks back, we had to go to Nagarjunsagar. We could get all info - courtesy Wikipedia. Last week, we had got a message from tata indicom that it was the last day for paying our bill. Online Payment had me get confirmation in next minute that bill is cleared. Be it PVR Cinemas, Imax, Paying bills, information, Bank transactions/account information or be it work, its all through internet.

This has been the biggest change for me in this decade. Who knows how this would change in future? Who knows if there would be something that would replace internet? Let’s wait and see!


Rama Mohan said...

A night without internet? oh I will be mad.

Your post is nice. Keep it up

Satheesh said...


Iam with you in this. I was spoiled by the always-on 5.0MBPS line in US for the past 1.5 years.
Back in Chennai, I have been desperately trying to get a broadband connection at my house for the past 1 month. With my house in suburbs, it is not feasible for many service providers. I left with 2 options - BSNL & Tata Indicom. BSNL ppl say that they would not be able give broadband for one month in the city (Due to some port problem). Indicom is dial-up and I hate it! The only other option is Datacard - that is expensive.
I am trying to find someone who knows Communications minister Mr.Dayanidhi Maran - so that I can get a BSNL connection quickly!
Suggestions welcome!

Pavan Pochu said...


Data card is not only expensive. but the speeds are very very low. Here in Hyderabad, you get BSNL in a week. I dont know how it takes a month to get it in chennai.

You may try broadband from Tata Indicom or Reliance or Airtel. They provide good speeds and reliable services. Apart from this, I think there are a few other broadband service providers like hathway. Try to check that out.

krishnan said...

I really have no idea what would be the next big change to hit our life, but, we should expect the following things to happen in the near future:

1. Knowledge becoming(truly) freely available through sites like Wikipedia.

2. The internet being widely used as a medium to raise socially relevant issues by allowing like minded people to come together(meetups, orkut communities,etc)

3. Merging of the entertainment industry to the internet with the content being decided by the users(youtube typish syndrome)