Monday, March 12, 2007

Traffic Police without uniform

Most of the time we see people complaining about almost all the things. How many of us crib about inefficiencies in government and various departments of government at one point or the other? I believe everyone does. This one thing caught my attention over the past few months. Some of the traffic junctions like Begumpet flyover, Srinagar Colony - Panjagutta junction, etc are always crowded and the traffic crawls during peak hours. But very often you see that there are no traffic police to regulate the traffic. There would be so many people who just curse the traffic police and get on with the traffic. But I see a few changes happenning from past few months. I see at some crowded junctions, few people donning the hat of the traffic police and regulating the traffic for some time.

It is a pleasant thing to see such people trying to make difference instead of just criticizing about the things around us. I know a few friends who work for NGOs during weekends and some teach the less fortunate kids during their free times. I think more and more people are showing interest in doing such things. We dont have to wait for netas or big babus to create wonders or work out miracles in making our future bright. I believe small things like this put together make a lot of difference. Way to go India!


Anand Morzaria said...

good point, Pavan.

I would like to add that more important is the sanity and patience that all of us show while driving a 2 wheeler or a 4 wheeler.

Many of us do not actually wait for the signal to change completely or the traffic from the other side to pass. We are all in a hurry and would start accelerating 10 seconds before the actual GO is set for our lane. I have also noticed in Hyderabad that no one cares about lanes or if he is has 9 other vehicles ahead of him - you would still end up seeing the vehicles on the first lane either trying to wiggle into the left or right to and then creating a mess and mutliple lanes.

As much as we are dependent on good roads,traffic police and sound traffic optmization - the foremost solution to mind is that every one needs to know that discipline on the road can save time and money for every one.

rp said...

Great points - Pavan & Anand!

I've been guilty of some bone-headed driving myself. Guess we drivers need to start early to not just reach on time but to also make allowance for jams! That way the mess Anand refers to may be reduced.

Pavan Pochu said...

Drivers definitely need to observe discipline and be patient when driving. Even the pedestrians need to have some discipline in crossing the roads ONLY when pedestrian crossing is on GREEN. Very often we see people crossing the road even when pedestrial crossing is not GREEN. Some become traffic police in showing hand signals to the vehicles and expect all vehicles to stop even when their signal is green.
There are a few places where pedestrian crossing is not available. But this should be followed wherever it is present.

Anshuman Dimri said...

Amazing - plain clothed good samaritans making difference. Its always good to read about such men. I hope we do not hear the officious traffic policewalas cracking on these selfless people.

Interesting read.


Anonymous said...

It is indeed a very nice point Pavan. Whatever you have mentioned is absolutly true, there are hardly few people out there who come out and help/guide others, but it is a task which is laudable.
Even i have noticed this in Hyd a couple of times. A gud observation, i wud say!
I do agree with what ur friends have said, about maintaining some kind of discipline on road, be it people walking or driving.Hardly do riders stop when the sign changes to red, and because of the timers, they just zoom in at high speeds to cross the signal before it changes to red.
So everything gets back to us,each 'individual' has to play his part properly!!